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We Offer Professional Laceration Repair Services in Mesquite, TX. We Have Qualified Laceration Repair Specialists for Ear Laceration Repair, Tongue Laceration Repair, Lip Laceration Repair, Brain Abscess Management, And Tendon Laceration.

Every year, millions of people seek laceration treatment in emergency departments. The goal of Mesquite laceration treatment is to repair a wound safely without increasing the risk of infection and with optimal cosmetic results. A laceration is a kind of injury that causes a skin tear. A Laceration Repair Provider performs a wound closure using sutures, staples, or tissue adhesives either alone, in combination with each other, or together with adhesive strips. Laceration repair can be done both surgically and non-surgically. Family Doctors Urgent Care offers laceration repair service in Mesquite by using the latest tools and techniques to provide a safe and sound treatment done by a professional and experienced medical team.

Laceration Repair Mesquite - TX

Lung Abscess Management in Mesquite

A lung abscess is a pus-filled cavity in your lung surrounded by inflamed tissue. A number of things can cause a lung abscess in Mesquite, including not being able to cough and poor oral health. A Lung Abscess is typically diagnosed in two ways chest X-ray and CT scan of the chest. There are several ways to treat a lung abscess including antibiotics, drainage, and surgery. If you are living in Mesquite and need lung abscess management, you should count on Family Doctors Urgent Care to get it done professionally.

Ear Laceration Repair in Mesquite

Ear lacerations are commonly encountered from trauma, often related to sporting injuries or animal bites. An ear laceration repair in Mesquite, TX can involve one of several methods. After the ear laceration is carefully examined to determine the severity and tissues involved, the best method of repair will be decided. The goal of ear laceration repair is to stop bleeding, avoid infection, and restore the function of the tissue involved. You can need ear laceration repair, including cleaning, preparation, Primary Care, and closure if you have a tear or cut in your skin, tissue, and/or muscle. From Family Doctors Urgent Care you will get reliable ear laceration repair by experienced medical professionals.

Ear Laceration Repair in Mesquite, TX

Lip Laceration Repair in Mesquite

The lips are a highly visible facial structure. Because of their prominent location on the face, lacerations of the lips can be cosmetically deformed. When it comes to facial lacerations in Mesquite, the lip requires special care. Teeth are often involved in injuries to the mouth and are even the Cause of Lip Lacerations. Family Doctors Urgent Care provides the service of lip laceration repair by trained experts who have years of experience in the medical field. You do not need to rush to a hospital for a lip laceration, but you may get it at Family Doctors Urgent Care easily and conveniently.

Tongue Laceration Repair in Mesquite

The tongue is a muscular organ that plays a central role in a person’s ability to communicate and also taste, chew, and swallow food. Tongue lacerations can result from a variety of means. Contraindications to repair in the emergency department would include a significant delay in presentation after the injury in which case the wound can be allowed to heal secondarily. Whether you need Tongue Laceration Repair Service in Mesquite for yourself or for your child, you must rely on Family Doctors Urgent Care because here the team is experienced and well versed to operate modern technology and tools to get the task done properly.

Brain Abscess Management in Mesquite

Before a brain abscess has become encapsulated and localized, antimicrobial therapy, accompanied by measures to control increasing intracranial pressure, is essential. The abscess has detrimental effects on the brain such as putting pressure on it, tissue damage, and blockage of blood vessels, and may also intervene in the supply of blood to some parts of the brain. If diagnosed with this infection, you should be treated immediately. Certain factors increase the chances of Developing Brain Abscesses in your brain including diabetes, dental procedure, and face ear, or sinus infection. The medical professionals at Family Doctors Urgent Care will help you with brain abscess management with patients of any age.

Brain Abscess Management in Mesquite, TX

Tendon Laceration in Mesquite

Tendon repair is surgery in Mesquite is done to treat a torn or otherwise damaged tendon. Tendons are soft, band-like tissues that connect muscles to bone. When the muscles contract, the tendons pull the bones and cause the joints to move. Tendon Repair Surgery may be helpful for people who have tendon injuries that are making it difficult for them to move a joint or are very painful. Tendon laceration demands professionalism and experience. Family Doctors Urgent Care offers tendon laceration in Mesquite by professionals and skilled medical practitioners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laceration Repair

How after the laceration can it be repaired in Mesquite, TX?

Noninfected wounds caused by clean objects may undergo primary closure up to 18 hours after injury while head wounds may be repaired up to 24 hours after injury in Mesquite, TX.

How long should you keep a laceration covered?

How do you clean a laceration?

Don't use antiseptic as this may damage the skin. Rinse the wound under running tap water for 5 to 10 minutes.


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